DO IT - Audience Profile

[E] DO IT ASSIGNMENT: Create Your Audience Profile

Making a video starts with your audience.  Let’s spend some time outlining who we want to reach in our video so we can really cater our message to them. Read the prompt below and create an outline of your ideal audience so you can use it as the foundation of your messaging moving forward.

Imagine that only three people could watch your video. In order for your video to be the most effective, who would those three people be? Think of the three different and ideal audience members for your video. Write a small biography about each of them so you can be really clear about who you are trying to communicate with.  And don’t worry, more than three people will see your video, but if you speak directly to your specific, ideal audience, you’re going to find more engagement with your content and more success.


Use this example sheet as a guide to help you fill out your own audience profile worksheets.

DO IT: Write a short bio for each person you want to reach with your video content. Include basic demographics, interests, and education. Download this AUDIENCE PROFILE worksheet as your guide.

01. Audience Profile Worksheet.pdf
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