Parts of Production

[B] Parts of Production

The best way to make a good video is to plan and write a good video.  In order to teach you how to plan, shoot, edit, and share a video, we’re going to break down a video production into the three main phases.

We’ll be covering what goes into pre-production [the planning], production [the filming] and post-production [the editing] so that you can make your own videos like a pro.

Pre-Production - You’ll always get it right when you spend the majority of your time here.  Your video is a product of your brainstorming, planning, and creating. The more time you spend planning your project, the easier it will be to complete it and get what you want out of it. The good news is, we’ve got a plan for you to follow to ensure that you’re upping your game creatively and with your production value.

Production - This is [and should be] the fun and easy part! This is where you will actually set up your shots, take out your camera and hit record. You’ve prepared properly, so you should be ready to go!

Post Production - A lot of people get stuck when it comes to what they should do with their audio and video clips after they’re done the filming. Nowadays, it’s extremely easy to pick up a camera or smartphone and shoot a video, but oftentimes those videos go to some sort of storage graveyard, never to be seen again. Having an organized post-production framework will help you get those videos into a finished format and ready to share!

We’ll discuss editing in more detail later in the course, but for now, just know that this is where we’ll organize our footage in proper folders, import files into our editing program, edit the footage, add text animations and graphics, and then export our video for sharing.

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